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Why open source?

We work exclusively with open source MLOps as this gives our customers the best outcomes when productionising their AI models.

Open Source is flexible

Open source tools are readily available for anyone with the right skills to use. As experts, this gives us huge flexibility to choose the right tool for the job at hand, without unnecessary overheads or hold ups for our clients. It’s a completely transparent way of working, which integrates seamlessly with any team or system.

Open Source is ownable

Open source tools can be installed on your own infrastructure, and you own the solution completely. Unlike an ‘off the peg’ approach to MLOps, using open source tools means you’re not locked in to any one proprietary piece of software. No fees. No restrictions. This means there’s no limits to innovation, and our open source solutions can adapt and grow as fast as you can.

Open Source is cost effective

Open source is free to use, and free to modify too. This allows us to tailor your solution exactly, making it as cost-effective as possible. It also means unlimited scope. We pick and combine precisely the right tools to solve your unique challenges in the most efficient way.

Open Source is agile

Open source is the future. In a domain moving as quickly as AI, the ability to react, adapt, innovate and collaborate without limits is what sets open source apart from proprietary software. Progress in almost every technical domain has been driven by the agility and flexibility offered by an open source approach – the internet itself is built this way!

Open source solutions are endlessly adaptable, tailored to your needs, and fully yours to own.

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